General Relativity part 5: Wormholes

In six Level 1 videos we visualize General Relativity with a substratum (“fabric”) that uses the same math as GR, the math of curved surfaces.

Here in part 5 of 6: Wormholes are shortcuts through otherwise flat space. They can also act as time machines, if their mouths are properly attached to flat spacetime.



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3 Responses to General Relativity part 5: Wormholes

  1. Anwar Shiekh says:

    Classical wormholes need a material to keep them open whose property is such that it could be used to violate the conservation of energy

    Can. J. Phys., 70,l 458, 1992

    • bernander says:

      Indeed. For this reason, and the requirement of topological change, I suspect that wormholes will never be created.

  2. Anwar Shiekh says:

    That should have read

    Can. J. Phys., 70, 458, 1992

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