The substratum visualization

Is physics weird at a fundamental level? Does a particle take two paths? Do worlds split? Is both A and not-A true?

We don’t think so. Physics is not weird in the substratum visualization. We develop this approach to Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, from the bottom up. We hope to leave you with strong visuals, intuition, and sanity.

This is not a new “theory.” It’s a set of visualizations and metaphors of standard theory.

Video tutorials: Visual relativity

(For a quick glance, see the animated GIF page.)

General relativity

Review from the substratum viewpoint:

  1. What is curvature? In 2 dimensions, it’s a deformation within 2d, or a buckling out into a third dimension. (video)
  2. Curvature in 3 and 4 dimensions, Schwarzschild spacetime. (video)
  3. Slow light, bending light. (video)
  4. Space moves: spinning black hole, Kerr. (video)
  5. Wormholes, time machines. (video)
  6. Space expands: Big Bang, horizons, gravitational waves. (video)

Contentious topics:

  1. Can you fall into a black hole? (video)
  2. Can black holes form? (Coming soon)

Special relativity

  1. Start with the three basic phenomena – length contraction, time dilation, clock desynchronization – and then discover that c is measured to be constant, and that you cannot tell which frame is at absolute rest. (video)

Quantum mechanics

(Coming later)