Quantum Substratum 2: The block universe

Common sense tells us that only the Now exists (presentism).

However, many physicists (and our Quantum Substratum) favor a Block Universe: all slices of time coexist (eternalism).

This video gives many visuals, and also suggests how our minds may be wired to prefer presentism, for greater fitness.


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2 Responses to Quantum Substratum 2: The block universe

  1. Karl Tasker says:

    Fabulous! But you said “more coming” several months ago.

  2. Good video!

    I have spent most of my adult life researching and writing about the block universe model, and so I know that it is both rare and gratifying to find an exposition that is accurate. So many people do not grasp it properly, and particularly the repercussions, which leaves them in fear and denial.

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